About Us

The roots of our group go back to 2015, when the Haneen Cultural Forum was established by Syrian women* in diaspora to create a feeling of togetherness in the face of impending societal disintegration. Since the Syrian revolution, the initial forum took the shape of an intergenerational choir, training center and network for displaced syrian women*. Now there are 12 groups of the Haneen Forum around the world, 8 of which are in Germany

In 2018 we established the non-profit organisation New Empowered Society for Women’s Activism (NESWA) in Berlin with the aim of skill- and knowledge building. Furthermore we aim to promote the role of migrant women* by emphasizing civic responsibility through networking and creating circles of trust in order to shift the current socio-political context, and to achieve a higher productivity and efficiency of the work of every individual activist at our network. 

In 2019 we launched a project that aims to develop a new political system from a feminist and queer inlcusive perspective. Our goal is to raise the percentage of Syrian women and Syrian LGBTQ representation in the various fields of public affairs, including, but not limited to, art activism and more radical performative strategies